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At Hill Top Stables (KAT,LLC) we believe that by   focusing on safety and good horsemanship, enjoyment and individual progress follows naturally.  As a former school teacher, I am uniquely positioned to understand the benefit to my clients when lessons are customized to reflect the rider’s unique goals; be they competitive or remedial.


Using the Four Learning Strategies: visual, auditory, read-write and kinesthetic learning, I can evaluate the optimal ‘learning style’ for each rider, connecting quicker with individual needs whether in a group or privately taught. In this way, Hill Top riders become critical observers of their riding environment, deploying prior knowledge of horsemanship and riding methods to make good decisions while in and out of the ring.


”It’s not about the ribbon, it’s about the ride..” A mantra repeated often at Hill Top Stables, reminding eager novice and experienced riders alike, that the journey is often more important than the destination. While riding may appear an individual sport, behind every horse and rider stands a team of trainers, grooms, farriers and equine veterinarians, all there to support and tailor lessons to meet the rider’s goals, developmental age and skill.


Spring, summer camps and clinics held frequently at Hill Top Stables enhance students’ knowledge of horsemanship and riding in a fun, supportive learning environment. Hill Top Riders also have the opportunity, should they wish, to become a part of the Hill Top Stables competitive riding team. Subject to approval, ambitious riders have the chance to compete across Virginia in affiliated VHSA and BSJA hunter-jumper equestrian competitions. For those perhaps showing for the first time, or interested in a fun, relaxed show experience, look no further than the annual Summer Open Fun Shows at Hill Top Stables.Remember…”It’s not about the ribbon, it’s about the ride.”


Lesson Packages

Bronze Package:  4 lessons to be used in a period of 4 weeks

Silver Package: 6 lessons to be used in a period of 5 weeks

Gold Package:  8 lessons to be used in a period of 6 weeks, one free hack per week (must be approved by show coach)



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