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Katharine Tharp

Owner, Manager, Trainer and Instructor for Hill Top Stables (TAK,LLC)

Kathy is a native of the historical Fredericksburg area.  She began her riding career at Hazelwild Farm under the instruction of Mrs. Elizabeth A. Morrison.  Kathy has shown locally and on the “A” rated show circuit for the past 20 years before widening her knowledge of the horse industry by learning, competing and working in other disciplines.  This education broaden Kathy’s knowledge of other equine disciplines and over the years has sharpened her knowledge of equine care, maintenance, training, and instruction.


Kathy has trained in the Hunter circuit under Mr. Wayne Eubank and Mrs. Carol M. Hawley.   Under the instruction of Mrs. Carol Hawley is where she learned the fundamentals of running a well organized training/boarding/lesson facility and again showed locally and on the “A” circuit.   Kathy’s knowledge of farming, farm maintenance and care has come from her grandparents, the late Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Hicks.   Twenty plus years as  an equestrian, farm maintenance experience,  prior knowledge of her family’s business in the areas of construction and excavation, 10 plus years as an educator and coupled with a degree in Finance and Economics from Virginia Commonwealth University has enabled Kathy to grow her business from the ground up in every aspect.


Kathy has taught riders of all ages on the fundamentals of strength, balance and communication between horse and rider. In addition to her methods of teaching also  include the philosophy of  using your prior knowledge of riding form , knowing your horse, making your plan when in the ring,  staying one-step ahead , and most of all having fun for improving your horse and achieving your riding goals! Her lessons include teaching riders while riding in the areas of , safety, horsemanship, ring etiquette, and sportsman like conduct.

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